Frankenstein - A stage play

Frankenstein - A stage play

Am 4. November 2015 hat die Oberstufe des Gymnasiums Fridericianum Schwerin das Theaterstück "Frankenstein" am Staatstheater Schwerin besucht.

"Frankenstein" is a 90-minute science-fiction drama by director Paul Stebbings, which tells the story of Dr. Victor Frankenstein, who wants to recreate life.

At the beginning the professor, who is also the father of Elisabeth, Victor´s beloved, dies trying to recreate life. His last words to his daughter Elisabeth and his Student Victor are: "Raise the dead". After his funeral Victor and Elisabeth decide to marry but Victor has to promise not to follow her father´s wish. Nevertheless he becomes a doctor in Ingolstadt and secretly starts to form a monster out of dead people´s body parts, which he collected with the help of his assistant Igor. Victor succeeds with his plan and revives the monster but accidently Elisabeth sees the creature and wants her husband to kill it. The monster escapes and Victor starts hunting it.

The play has a great plot, which is slightly different to the book, but still good. It was amazing to see how only four actors managed to play the roles of a huge variety of characters. Sometimes the rections of the actors were a bit exaggerated and the change of their opinions and behavior was a bit to spontaneous.

Maybe the play is not what one might excpect from a Frankenstein story, but still worth seeing if you don´t expect a masterpiece.

Julia Liermann, Cecilia Reemtsma, Laura Schöner, Jan Sarach, Class 11D